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  D-Day: the Men, the Beaches
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  Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Games
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  Chile: 40 Years After the Coup d'Etat
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  Authors and Others
A soldier with a letter from home: Lang Vei, Vietnam
Khe Sanh, Vietnam
Daniel Cespedes, arrested by the Chile junta
Nobel Laureate Pablo Neruda, laid to rest after the Chile coup d'etat
Funeral of Pablo Neruda
Vietnamese "Boat People" - who landed in Malaysia
Lying in state: Argentine President Juan Peron
Gov. George Romney, seeking the Repub. nomination, speaks to the Utah Legislature: 1967
The First Summit-Geneva: Gorbachev & Reagan
Al Gore: the 2000 Campaign
LDS Elders, the semi annual Conference: Salt Lake City
Another Cosmo martini for Monica Lewinsky
Ayatollah Khomeini, spiritual leader of the Iran Revolution
Bloody hands: Another martyr has fallen-The Iran Revolution
Iranian women wearing Chador, the Revolution
Her dreams dashed after colliding with Zola Budd, Mary Decker looks on in pain: 1984 Olympics
Carl Lewis touches the Finish Line, LA 1984 Olympics
A sip of water: the Korem refugee camp, Ethiopia
Korem refugee camp: Ethiopia
The day the Berlin Wall "opened"
A West Berlin woman tearfully welcomes her Eastern family
Start of the Gordon Bennett balloon race, Paris 1983
Jordan nurses her Wisdom Teeth