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The White House
The First Couple shares a First Sundae - Iowa / 2012
Barack Obama..en route St. Louis...
The Obamas on convention victory night
Obama campaigns in a New Orleans school
Senator Obama, on the campaign plane
a Presidential News Conference
John McCain greets NY voters
Senator Clinton vies for Votes: 2008
Mike Huckabee & bus, Iowa
John Edwards - Iowa
John Kerry at a New Hampshire rally
Bush at Arlington Cemetary
Bush admits Victory
Gore on the road
Monica Lewinsky
Larry King, Clinton & Gore, and the Hair
Reagan & Gorbachev, the first Summit
Ronald Reagan on a campaign bus: NH
Jerry & Betty Ford
Nixon resigns
RIchard Nixon braves the cold of NYC, after his 1968 victory
LBJ at a joint session
JFK in Salt Lake City - my first President
the White House...where it all ends up