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New Orleans, and the Gulf Coast after Hurricane  Katrina - shot for, and published in National Geographic a living room, New Orleans "..life doesn't always turn out like you think it will.." New Orleans, when the levee broke Sand covers the neighborhood. Church pew covered in mud, the 9th Ward A former stately manse,now a pile of bricks: Pascagoula, MS Herb Gettridge,at his flooded home, the 9th Ward Herb Gettridge's ruined home, the 9th Ward The auto wrecker crew Thousand of magnets, where 1000's of refrigerators were trashed. Two workers at the Dominion Sugar plant, living in company sponsored trailers. Colleen and her survivor cat The Jenkins family, refugees in a Baton Rouge motel A ruined floating casino is taken apart, piece by piece: Biloxi MS A New Orleans cemetary, uprooted by Katrina Cory Arsenault, living in a FEMA park after Hurricane Charley Mandy Molloy, living in a FEMA park, after Charley ruined her home, Punta Gorda FL Amanda Arsenault, Punta Gorda, FL, with her best friend What was once a stately home, Dauphin Island, AL