I arrived in Tehran the day after Christmas, 1978, unaware of the degree of political unrest. I was to figure it out shortly.

Within hours of arriving in Tehran, I was on the street, in the middle of a gun battle. I could tell this story would not soon go away.

Confrontations between the Shah's police and demonstrators.

Wounded demonstrators are carried to an ambulance.

Every burial became a political event, where the Shah and the US were railed against.

Watching crowds scatter when police gunfire erupts.

Escaping afternoon gunfire.

An anti-Shah demonstrator at a Tehran rally. The pictures are snapshots of SAVAK secret police victims.

Mourners at a funeral for an anti-Shah demonstrator.

Wounded demonstrators are rushed to ambulance.

Ayatollah Khomeini posters were present at every anti-Shah rally.

Crowds of anti-Shah demonstrators, Tehran.

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