Children mimic the arrests of "extremists" in the days after the coup d'etat  Santiago Sep 73

A political prisoner is led into the Defense ministry after his arrest.

Young lab workers, arrested as potential "extremists" are brought into the National Stadium.

Burning of books on Paraguay Avenue, Santiago

Soldiers burn confiscated books, Santiago

Soldiers confiscate suspected political literature, Santiago

Prisoners kept at the National Stadium, where interrogation and torture were rampant: Santiago

Outside the stadium, two young women comfort each other as they fail to get information about loved ones, as prisoners at the stadium.

A released prisoner tells expectant loved ones what he saw inside the stadium.

Nobel Prize winning poet Pablo Neruda died just days after the coup, and his funeral was a last call for the Chilean Left

Mourners gather at the burial of Pablo Neruda

Madame Neruda and mourners gather at the cemetary.

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