David Burnett has been photographing the world for more than 40 years. He graduated from Colorado College in 1968 (B.A. Political Science) and began working as a free lancer for Time, then  Life Magazine, at first in Washington DC and Miami, and later in South Viet Nam.  In 1976 he co-founded Contact Press Images (yes, we just celebrated our 37th Anniversary), in New York, and for the the last three decades, he has traveled extensively, working for most of the major photographic and general interest magazines in the U.S. and Europe. His work encompasses News, Feature, and People pictures, as well as landscapes and scenics. He is known as someone who can, no matter how challenging the assignment, return with The Picture. Reporters Without Borders has just published
"100 Photos for Freedom of the Press" featuring a whole career's worth of David's work. The publication, which helps support R.W.B. is available by mail order: If you click here...
For a quick tour of the last 50 years, in David's Pictures, have a look here: https://vimeo.com/96025929
His awards include Magazine Photographer of the Year from the Pictures of the Year Competition, the World Press Photo of the Year, and the Robert Capa Award from the Overseas Press Club, and two Olivier Rebbot awards from the O.P.C.
He continues working around the world, having traveled to more than 75 countries, producing photographic essays for Time, Fortune, ESPN Magazine, and many others as well as working on major Advertising campaigns, including Union Bank of Switzerland, Apple, Kodak, Rolex, Merck, and the U.S. Army.  The work on this website represents an overview of published work, and yes, some of his favorite pictures which haven't yet been published. All photographs are available as Fine Art Prints in sizes from 11x14 to 40x50. Pictures are individually priced, and can be quoted by fone.
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