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Let the Games begin: Pyeongchang Winter Olympics 2018
Truly it was - the Passion
They're fast. Simply fast.
Luge - like a bullet they fly
Long track Speed Skating
Skating warm up area
Figure skaters warming up
On the "Big" Ski Jump Hill
Aerials - gymnastics and skiing all in one
Ski Jumping
Short track speed skating, true mad house
Because of a foul, the Chinese team is disqualified, and Italy wins Gold
The Long Track speed skating: ballet and speed
Long track speed skating
Ski Cross, the Gold (L) and Silver Medalists (R) race to the finish
Bobsled warm up: Welcome to the Mountinans
Cross Country skiing
A cross country skier
He left it all out on the course. Spent, at the end of the 50km race
the Race is definitiely over