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Zola Budd, 40 years after the '84 Olympic accident, Track coach in S. Carolina
Zenon Bilas blows across the water - backwards - at 30mph
At the start of a men's 80+ 100m race
At the start...
Men's 100m
the 10k Walk as seen in one exposure
Walking or Running, its still a race
Long Jump
Javelin throw
The Discus
Women's Hammer throw
Pole Vault
Men's 80+ 200m
Start of the 100m
The 100m
National Senior Softball in Las Vegas
Granny Basketball: Iowa
before the volleyball game starts
Women 75-79, playing Woman-to-woman Defense
Senior Powerlifting: Florida
Senior Powerlifting: Florida
the ballet of Horseshoes
PIckleball, the new sport rage for Seniors
Handball at South End Rowing Club, San Francisco
Senior Hockey players
Senior Hockey: NY Finger lakes
Gleasons Gym: Brooklyn
Gleasons Gym
Rowing on Lake Merced, San Francisco
Hang gliding 80 yr old in Fremont CA
the surfers and paddle boarders: Santa Cruz CA
Surfers, Santa Cruz
Taped hands before Womens Volleyball
Swimming the cove at SF Bay
Swimming in SF Harbour by the Golden Gate
Senior Skaterboarding, Ft Lauderdale