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Abe Lincoln - Runs for President: the Association of Lincoln Presenters met in Vandalia IL - the first ILLINOIS state capital. From a story for Aljazeera America's terrific website. May 2015
James Mitchell, as Abe Lincoln. In April 2015, the Association of Lincoln Presenters met in Vandalia IL - the first ILLINOIS state capital.
Abe Lincoln served two terms in the Legislature, and walked the halls of the old State Capital bldg.
Lincolns lurked everywhere.
The Lincoln parade in Vandalia.
Frederick Douglass and Lincolns walk on the main street of Vandalia.
Frederick Douglass joined the Lincolns on the last day.
After the parade.
Even Abe needed to "strike an image"... as Matthew Brady called his photography.
In the State Capital building.
Mary Todd Lincolns, a handful, join the Abes on the Capital steps
A group shot at the Association convention. As a legislator, Lincoln sat in the desk at the lower right.
A period document in the Secretary of State's office
A team of Abe Lincolns
and from the back
The Lincoln forum, where his life and words were remembered.
In the forum.
Milling about the Capital before the Forum.
These floor boards, never having been updated, remain the only place where it is known that Abe Lincoln walked.
In the old State Capital
Striking and Image
Joining locals for a cup of punch at the Copper Penny.
A gent never wears his hat to the dinner table.
Even Abe Lincoln had to stay in touch with a mobile phone.
A pair of Mary Todd Lincolns at the dance.
A Virginia reel..
The ladies chorus abides.