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D-Day+70 Years: hundreds of paratroopers jump at Ste Mere Eglise in tribute to the paratroopers of 1944 Whisky 7, a C47 which flew on the night of 5 June 1944, flies again over the Norman countryside Members of the 29th Divisio gather at Dog/Red on Omaha beach, 0700, 70 years after D-Day to salute their fallen comrades Fireworks on Omaha beach, 5 June 2014 A lone re-enactor (there were hundreds in 2014) on Omaha Beach  the morning of D-Day + 70 years A group of English reenactors on Omaha Beach, D-Day+70 Years: D-Day+70 Years: Omaha Beach salute to the veterans Two men hug in recognition of D-Day+70 Years: The 2014 D-Day+70 Years celebrations drew hundreds to the beaches In 1994, on occasion of the 50th anniversary of D Day, Robert L Williams, 101st Airborne trooper, jumped with a bunch of former vets at Ste Mere Eglise. The sky behind is filled with chutes of active duty troops who jumped just after the vets did. My first encounter with the D-Day Vets.  A young (in his 50s) veteran at a lunch, Omaha Beach, 1974 (30th Anniversary) A small crew of Dutch re-enactors (there are hundreds of them), Omaha Beach, 0600h, D-Day + 60 years Along Omaha Beach Major Thomas Howie's grave, Normandy cemetary (thought to be the inspiration of Tom Hanks character in Saving Priv Ryan John Robinson, a B-26 pilot who flew into France on the night of June 5th Omaha Beach German fortresses along the Normandy Coast Utah Beach 1984 Visiting fallen comrades at Omaha Beach cemetary A former German garrison, Normandy Utah Beach Omaha Beach Dwayne Burns, paratrooper A vet sits on Omaha Beach, 35 years after D-Day Bob Williams, former paratrooper Dr. Harold Baumgartner, wounded 5 times on D-Day Ed Jeziorsky, a paratrooper with the 82nd Abn Elbert Legg, assigned to Graves Registration, had to find a place to bury Allied soldiers in Normandy Carl Beck, who jumped at Ste. Mere Eglise, 50 years after D-Day Harry Parley, a grunt, now retired Beach defensive positions Gold Beach Leo Jereb, a 4th Div. veteran Pat Passman, returns to Utah Beach for the first time in 40 years Dawn, along Omaha Beach, June 6, 1994 A view of Omaha Beach - June 6, 2014 Whisky 7 on the ramp, Cherbourg Bud Rice, who flew Whisky 7 on June 5, 1944