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Olympic Baseball: the last year as an Olympic event
Netherlands/Korea, Olympic Field Hockey
Usain Bolt, wins the 200m
Weightlifting: Olympic Festival
Lo'Jo clears the bar: Penn Relays
Olympic Diver
The launch
Olympic diving trials
Olympic diving trials
an Olympic pre race stretch
Fu Ming Xia wins gold: Barcelona
Greg Louganis, the day after he hit his head on the board.
Canada Synchro Swimming
Park City Olympics 2002
Ski Jumping: Park City
Ski Jumping: Park City
Ski Jumpers, always checking their balance
Ski Jumping
Ski Jumping
Ski Jumping
Ski Jumping
Bob Sled- the Start
Freestyle / SLC Olympics
Unending practice for Ski jumpers
The Torpedo: Pre Olympic swimming
Natalie Coughlin, Olympic Gold Medalist
A diver in Sydney warms up
Divers: Beijing
Olympic Festival
The start of W 800m: Seoul, 88
Where did she go? Rhythmic gymnastics, 2008
Atlanta Braves stretch, Spring Training
A-Rod / Yankee Stadium
The bases, pre-game, Yankee Stadium
Yankees stretch, pre game
Derek Jeter
Baseball returns to Washington DC
Cal Ripken Jr. breaks the consecutive game record, 2131, 1995.