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The National Mall in Washington is America's Front Yard, from one end of DC to the Other. The Lincoln Memorial, a giant statue of Lincoln looks out across the Mall A tourist family on the Mall in front of the Air & Space Museum, the Capitol in the distance The Gardens along Madison St NW A selfie taken at the Reflecting Pool A view of the Ellipse near the White House, from the top of the Washington Monument The Capital, with scaffolding still supporting work on the dome The Supreme Court The Supreme Court, the last spot of civility in a town where bureaucracy rules The shadow of the Washington Monument drapes East across 14th street, just one mile from the Capital in the distance Cyclists mingle with pedestrians near the base of the Washington Monument The Washington Monument shadow, as it rakes across the Mall on a sunny afternoon The base of the Washington Monument A film shown late on a summer's night to thousands who come to the Mall for "Movie" night A Volleyball game near the Potomac An exercise at the steps of the base of the Lincoln Memorial, next to the Potomac A group of Vietnam War vets comes to the "Wall" once a month to clean and wash it. It's an ongoing mission for them. Vietnam War vets, and other friends, scrubbing and washing "the Wall" The reflecting pool, looking towards the Washington Monument The Washington Monument seen from near the FDR Memorial The Martin Luther King Memorial, a stunning piece of sculpture A bronze cast of Franklin D Roosevelt Touch football is a regular on the Mall A several day Cricket match on the Mall near the Potomac A several day Cricket match on the Mall near the Potomac